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Surf Lesson Photography and Videos

In addition to great surfing and stand-up paddle surfing lessons, we offer photos and videos during your lessons so that you can look back on them and share them with others for years to come.  Read below for more info!

Sunset Suratt Surf School works closely with Heath Thompson, a surf photographer and North Shore native. Heath’s goal is to, as they say, capture the moment. He can capture you at your best and edit video of your surfing experience—together with beautiful island scenery and local music—to be burned on to your very own Hawaiian surf vacation DVD. Heath’s photographs and edited DVDs are the perfect way to bring home a piece of your hawaiian vacation to friends and family.

All of the videos that we do for our students are shot in high definition format by experienced North Shore surfers. Our videographers and photographers also serve as extra helping hands in the water, providing a greater level of safety and instructional support to our classes (i.e., they help our students throughout the lesson, as well as ensure everyone’s safety while in the water). Our service is one of a kind and we pride ourselves in our work and our teaching. We look forward to enjoying the ocean with everyone and creating the best experience possible!

For More Inormation

To book a lesson or to get more information about video and photos of your experience, call Uncle Bryan on his cell phone at (808) 783-8657 or feel free to e-mail us at sunsetsuratt@gmail.com.

If you would like to contact Heath Thompson directly, you can reach him at (808) 489-5364 or by e-mail at heath.lifethroughthelens@gmail.com.

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Uncle Bryan and his instructors are great. I cannot recommend them strongly enough. They had my 13-year-old and 7-year-old sons surfing in minutes. Bryan uses a much lower ratio of instructors to students than most other schools (there were 2 instructors for 4 students in our group). They took FANTASTIC care of our younger son, surfing right behind him so they were there when his run ended or he fell off the board. There were also two adults in their group (a husband and wife). Both “got up” ~10 times, and were very, very happy with Sunset Suratt. Plus, they are really nice guys. No pressure. Beautiful beach. If you want to surf the North Shore, give Bryan a call!


San Diego, CA

Uncle Bryan knows how to teach you to surf! My wife and I had the time of our lives with his expert instruction. By the end of our lesson (we had never surfed before) we were catching waves and riding them all the way to shore. I noticed other instruction companies and their customers not do half as well as we did. Uncle Bryan knew where to put us in the waves and guided us with expert tips. Learn to surf here! Highly recommended!‎


Tucson, Arizona

For anyone looking to experience a bit of real aloha and learn basic surfing skills, Sunset Suratt Surf School is a must! I return to Hawaii frequently and continue to employ Uncle Bryan and his crew to further my surfing and enhance my North Shore experience. Bryan’s true aloha spirit and easy nature make it a pleasure to enjoy the warm Hawaiian surf again and again. Do NOT miss this opportunity if you ever visit Oahu!


Chicago Illinois

Ratings. Are Important
02:58 01 Nov 18
Very fun for the family! We had the kids, youngest is 8. I was a bit worried about safety, but they have a good system of how they keep track of everyone and a 3:1 ratio. Everyone was able to stand up pretty quickly and the instructors were very good - friendly with great instructions. I think their price point is a bit higher than others, but I can't compare the quality. Definitely happy we did it and appreciated the team!read more
Georgia Jean
19:55 27 Nov 18
We had the most amazing experience with Bryan and his team! Our youngest was 10, our oldest 18 with everyone else in between. EVERYONE got up and surfed! It was so awesome!! Our only regret was not doing it the first day we got to Oahu! Christinaread more
Sarah Noller
00:29 07 Nov 18
The instructors were great! I was up and surfing right away with no prior experience. I highly recommended this surf school! It is so worth it!
Cody D'Ambrosio
13:20 13 Aug 18
Awesome awesome awesome! For first time surfers on honeymoon, we were both able to get up and ride the waves! The instructors were super helpful and made it feel easy and doable. Definitely a must-do in Oahu!
Jordan Holloway
05:45 26 Jan 19
Uncle Bryan’s surf lessons provided the best experience my family had while on vacation. We were all novices and this was our first time surfing. Uncle Bryan was a wealth of knowledge of the north shore and surfing in general. Our instructors were also top notch. They played to each individuals strengths and made sure they got the best waves possible. We all can’t wait to come back and surf again, all thanks to Uncle Bryan and our instructors.read more
Dirk Lewis
17:21 11 Mar 19
Great staff and perfect location for learning to surf. We were worried about the wind and high surf warning but the location was protected and had slow rolling waves perfect for beginners and out of shape tourists. The owners son was way cool and helpful. He even took my 5 year old out and caught a wave with him. It has been the highlight of his trip, he keeps rubbing it in to his big brother. These guys are great. Be careful who you pick to teach you also. There were some instructors on the beach that were super high and it was not weed (tweeker) all of our instructors had it together and had us surfing first wave we caught.read more
Bobby Marchenese
15:15 11 Jan 19
Lisa was fantastic helping setup my lesson and giving us suggestions on what to do the rest of the day. She even sat with my wife and daughter on the beach during my entire lesson and talked with them. She has a warm and welcoming peraonality. Chris, the instructor was great, thanks for your time! Great experience, highly recommend!read more
Michael W
23:49 26 Mar 19
A great time. Called Uncle Bryan at 7am and they scheduled my ten year old son a lesson. We showed up, they were organized and personable and I decided spur of the moment to get a lesson as well. Skylar was great, as was Bryan's son who was one of the other instructors. In fact, they all rocked. There were kids of all ages. Instructors managed to help get them all up multiple times.read more
ocean roayle
03:32 06 Apr 19
Amazing location right at a great beginner surf break. Bryan is lovely, chill and very professional surf instructor with a host of great staff. Bring plenty of aloha spirit in return. I took my friends here to learn to surf on vacation. They were up and surfing after just an hour of water time. Would definitely bring them back again. Thanks Bryan and instructors!read more
Alex Gleeson
07:24 11 Apr 19
Great morning on the water for my first surfing lesson with Instructor Schuyler at Pua’ena Point Beach Park. His instructions were easy and informative. I had no trouble getting up on my first wave. I highly recommend this friendly and professional outfit for those new to surfing or looking to improve.read more
Tracy & Joel Van Camp
00:06 13 Apr 19
We scheduled with a different surf company who cancelled us at the last minute. Called Bryan’s, Linda told us to go right over. We did. Met Bryan he put us in a lesson immediately. The guys were great at coaching. We were up and surfing in no time. MAHALO Bryan, Crew, Skylar and the others!read more
Mike B
02:39 19 May 19
Top notch instruction - Mike Jackson is a local who not only gets you up on a board but goes further and teaches you safety, etiquette, and key focal points on what to look for when you are out on your own. Have not had such a natural high in quite some time; still smiling from ear to ear from today's experience. Thanks for the time Mike.read more
Brianna Almeida
21:48 20 May 19
Uncle Bryan was AMAZING!!!!! He was the sweetest and brought all of us flowers to wear in our hair that he picked from his own home. He showed us the boards and they worked perfectly! It was an amazing experience and his hospitality made it 100000x more enjoyable! When we called him he met us at the beach quickly and got us our boards and on the water in no time. When we left he hugged us and it just felt like we were part of his own family. I have never met a business owner that has welcomed and helped his clients as much as Uncle Bryan. He is the absolute definition of the aloha spirit. I would recommend him without hesitation. If you are looking for an amazing experience, great pricing and the aloha experience he is your guy!!!!read more
Parker Davis
17:41 17 Jul 19
Best part of our vacation... Many thanks to Bryan and his team for providing a great family lesson with kids aged 9, 7, and even 3! Will definitely go again next time we travel to Oahu.
Justin Ashford
15:33 03 Aug 19
Uncle Bryan and his team were fantastic. They helped my boys learn to get up on their boards and ride a handful of waves during our lesson. They paid special attention to my youngest to make sure he was safe at all times. My boys had a blast and will hopefully remember this experience for years. I highly recommend this team and this activity if you're visiting the North Shore!read more
Jeremy Wright
18:34 12 Aug 19
Absolutely loved learning to surf with Uncle Bryan's crew. One of the best mornings of my life. Highly recommend!
Brian Smith
04:49 21 Aug 19
Fantastic 1st experience for my kids (8 and 5). The staff was kind and professional, really made an effort to ensure their first surfing experience was about confidence building and fun. Look forward to our next lesson, definitely recommend Uncle Bryan's!read more
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