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About Us

Sunset Suratt Surf Academy is the premier surf school on the North Shore of Oahu. We have lived here for five generations, are the only truly “local” surf school, and we guarantee you a great time. We love sharing our passion for the ocean and surfing with others and we want you to have truly amazing time!

Uncle Bryan

Bryan Suratt, or “Uncle Bryan” as his friends all call him, is the owner of Sunset Suratt Surf School. He’s been teaching surfing lessons and coaching pro surfers for most of his adult life, and started Sunset Suratt Surf School in 2003 to make his surf lessons and instruction more widely available outside of the North Shore community. (Publicity was usually just by word of mouth before that time.)

Born and raised on the North Shore of Oahu, Uncle Bryan is truly a Sunset Beach local. For five generations, the Suratt family has lived here. With Sunset Point and surrounding surf breaks as their backyard, it’s perhaps easy to see why the Suratt family has lived and breathed surfing their entire lives.

An experienced surfer since the 1960s, Uncle Bryan and was voted by Surfing Magazine as “Surfing Coach of the ’90s”. He has coached some of the top surfers in the world today; just a few of his pro students have included: Andy Irons, Bruce Irons, Mark Occhilupo, Joel Parkinson, Derek Ho, and Joel Tudor, among others.

Uncle Bryan has also traveled the world with the Local Motion, Gotcha, and MCD surf teams, helping with coaching and contest strategies for their riders. He now spends most of his time right here on the North Shore of Oahu coaching his students. It’s easy to see that he truly loves his job, and it reflects in his passion for teaching and the joy he gets from watching his students reach their surfing goals.

Friends in the Community and Charitable Work

Mick Fanning

Uncle Bryan has lived on the North Shore since he was born. By the age of ten, he was surfing many of the local breaks before they even had the names they’re known by today. As he got older, he taught a lot of the younger kids and up-and-comers behind him, and then their kids, too. It would be an understatement to say that he’s made a few friends along the way.

Sonny Garcia

Every so often we get some very distinguished visitors that drop in to say hi, meet our students, and sometimes even teach a lesson or two. We’ve guessed it’s their way of saying thanks to someone who played an influential role in their life, but whatever the reason, it’s always a real honor.

One way that we stay involved in the larger community outside of Hawaii is through non-profit work. Uncle Bryan is an active supporter of several organizations, including the Mauili Ola Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation and Life Rolls On. The video featured here is of Barney Miller, who was rendered a quadriplegic after a car accident when he was 20 years old. Barney has made tremendous steps toward recovery in the time since. You can read more about Barney’s story on Surfline.

In 2019, Uncle Bryan and his crew helped the charitable organization Surf 4 Hugs to put on their annual North Shore event for kids and their families. (You can read more about that day in the post on our blog.) If you have a loved one or know anyone that we could make a difference for, please contact us by e-mail or give Uncle Bryan a call direct at (808) 783-8657. Aloha!

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Ratings. Are Important
02:58 01 Nov 18
Very fun for the family! We had the kids, youngest is 8. I was a bit worried about safety, but they have a good system of how they keep track of everyone and a 3:1 ratio. Everyone was able to stand up pretty quickly and the instructors were very good - friendly with great instructions. I think their price point is a bit higher than others, but I can't compare the quality. Definitely happy we did it and appreciated the team!read more
Georgia Jean
19:55 27 Nov 18
We had the most amazing experience with Bryan and his team! Our youngest was 10, our oldest 18 with everyone else in between. EVERYONE got up and surfed! It was so awesome!! Our only regret was not doing it the first day we got to Oahu! Christinaread more
Sarah Noller
00:29 07 Nov 18
The instructors were great! I was up and surfing right away with no prior experience. I highly recommended this surf school! It is so worth it!
Cody D'Ambrosio
13:20 13 Aug 18
Awesome awesome awesome! For first time surfers on honeymoon, we were both able to get up and ride the waves! The instructors were super helpful and made it feel easy and doable. Definitely a must-do in Oahu!read more
Jordan Holloway
05:45 26 Jan 19
Uncle Bryan’s surf lessons provided the best experience my family had while on vacation. We were all novices and this was our first time surfing. Uncle Bryan was a wealth of knowledge of the north shore and surfing in general. Our instructors were also top notch. They played to each individuals strengths and made sure they got the best waves possible. We all can’t wait to come back and surf again, all thanks to Uncle Bryan and our instructors.read more
Dirk Lewis
17:21 11 Mar 19
Great staff and perfect location for learning to surf. We were worried about the wind and high surf warning but the location was protected and had slow rolling waves perfect for beginners and out of shape tourists. The owners son was way cool and helpful. He even took my 5 year old out and caught a wave with him. It has been the highlight of his trip, he keeps rubbing it in to his big brother. These guys are great. Be careful who you pick to teach you also. There were some instructors on the beach that were super high and it was not weed (tweeker) all of our instructors had it together and had us surfing first wave we caught.read more
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